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'Innovative Wealth Management Workshop' was founded by the well-known senior financial expert Chloe Tong in 2009. Since then, teams of financial experts led by Chloe holds 3-4 seminars every year in Canada's major cities. This course's ideas and strategies have helped thousands of individuals and households set and achieve their financial goals.

2020 AFS Webinar

Investment opportunities in economic crisis

  • Overview of the global economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Panic in the 1987, 2008, 2020 recessions.

  • The stock market crashed, oil prices collapsed, GDP growth went negative, and the unemployment rate soared.

  • The stock market's V-shaped rebound completely deviates from economic data.

  • Opportunities in 2020's volatile market, how to pick winning investment products?

  • ​A deep interpretation of long term investment model in the economic crisis.

Innovative Wealth Management Workshop


  • Possibilities of utilizing different banking systems to pay off mortgage earlier. 

  • Possibilities of converting mortgage interest into tax incentives to pay off mortgage earlier. 

  • How to utilize innovative investment strategies to generate additional cash flow.

  • How certain fund features may help you obtain tax-free income.

  • How to make make capital protected investments & obtain stable income.

  • Opportunities to get more tax refund and withdraw from RRSP without tax hassle.

  • Using CRA approved account to achieve tax-free growth of assets and withdrawals without affecting your old age benefits.

  • Ways to easily withdraw profits in a company without getting into tax trouble.

  • Holistic approach to family financial planning.

  • Strategies for assets protection and estate planning.

Capital Preservation, Retirement, and Capital Growth Strategies

  • Achieve asset appreciation by using a combination of different investment strategies.

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of RRSP/RRIF.

  • Strategies to maximize your OAS and GIS benefits.

  • How to dissolve RRSP without tax consequence.

  • More strategies for capital growth and preservation.

  • Procedural, legal, and tax issues in the inheritance process.

Capital Operation and Tax Saving Strategies for Small Businesses


  • How to relieve personal tax burden by incorporating your small businesses.

  • How to interpret the federal government's latest corporate tax laws.

  • Possibilities of withdrawing profit from your business tax-free.

  • How to manage your taxation when transferring corporate assets.

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